A Career In IT

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Career Certification

Are you ready for a new or better high paying career in Technology. We can help. How about $100,000+ a year as a Certified Software Programmer, Database Administrator, Microsoft Systems Engineer, Cisco Network Engineer, or Dell Certified Computer Systems Expert. The sky is the limit.

Can you Afford the Price

We're not talking about money, we're talking about a life transformation. Can you persevere until you find the solution. Can you push yourself to learn new things? Can you write reports daily if needed? Can you stay up late studying for hours on end to demonstrate your academic capabilities? Can you work well under pressure? Can you admit when your wrong and say "I'm sorry"? Can you handle irritating people and "stupid questions"? Can you change from the inside out? We can help you say yes to these questions.

For most, Technologist is a trans-formative experience. Character, Knowledge, Skill, Experience are all tested and pushed to an ideal of absolute excellence. We set the bar and pioneer new frontiers. We follow as well as we lead. Technologist are a team.

This is A Career!

We prepare you for work and help you get a job or start your own business. We place all the Integrity of, Integrity Computer Systems, LLC (our parent for-profit company), behind you in your job placements. We certify your skill and verify your capabilities.

Everyone could have a Technologist Career but not everyone will make the sacrifice!

Technologist careers pay very well because the training is hard, the level of job responsibility is high, and the work load is often demanding (trade secret: but mostly not, lol). If you don't like your career change to one you do like because it's not worth doing it just for the money... all the time. We help you find the technologist career that fits your innate (natural) skills.

"I've Got What It Takes, I want a Career in IT"

So you think your ready for a career in Technology, then click the link below. Good Luck!

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