What Is I3 ?

'Technology Wealth and Innovation for All Alaskans'

What is Integrity IT Internship?

Integrity IT Internship, Inc (I3) is a non-profit program that provides technology training, certification, and job placement services. This program is open to the general public and walk-ins are welcomed. We also provide free computers and technology services for home users and fellow non-profit organizations.

IT too Expensive!

For many years, only those who could afford computer training skills could afford to benefit from this new age of technology. At Integrity IT Internship, or I3 , we believe that basic computer skills are the minimum mandatory employment skills required for the 21st Century. Everyone needs to know how to type and operate a computer or smartphone. Document editing and spreadsheet skills are as invaluable as learning to tie ones shoes. I3 is prepared to remedy this problem through a "state of the art" hands-on learning environment facilitated by only the most expert of trained IT professional educators.

Bad IT Experiences

We are also pioneering a new class of technology professionals. Most of us have heard statements like, "that computer guy lost all my files and pictures on my computer/phone" or "when will that computer guy every give me my computer back". We believe that many of today's new technology professionals can test and certify well but have very little credible hands-on experience in their technology field. This leaves them to lie and over sell their capabilies ultimately costing businesses and customers millions in security violations and private data exfiltration (loss). Senior IT Professionals have learned technical patience, troubleshooting perseverance, and customer service skills that junior IT Technicians often lack. The result is poor Technician services and an unhealthy technologist public image.

IT Mentorship

I3 remedies this by taking personal responsibility for the complete developmental process of new IT Professionals. We have pioneered a hands-on mentoring approach to IT skills development. This approach is similar to that found in the electrical, plumbing, or HVAC trades that require journeyman apprentice to work along side craftsman for several years before being allowed to complete work independently.  Fundamentally, we believe that the IT industry is changing at such a rapid pace that IT Training must intentionally slow down to develop a higher quality and quantity of skilled laborers.

Get a Job:

Our program is designed to train you, certify you, and then find employment for you. We also partner with local industries to determine what they are looking for. Because of the quality of training received from I3, employers can expect employees with a "higher standard of excellence".  

How Much Does It Cost!

It's absolutely Free!  
(Funded by the State of Alaska and other charitable organizations)

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I'm ready to learn about Technology!

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Our Mission:

"I3 will provide a free modern computer for every Alaskan home while creating a technology apprenticeship trades organization that donates IT services and training to nonprofits and home users as supported by charitable contributions."

Our Motto:

"Technology wealth and innovation for all Alaska"

Our Theme:

"Predict the Future Through Execution"

Our Code of Conduct:

"On Time, Honest, Thorough, Intelligent, Skilled, Passionate"

Our Non Discrimination Policy:

"Integrity IT Internship admits interns, students, and mentors of race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to organization participants. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and other organizationally-administrated programs.


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