Integrity IT Internship, Inc 501(c)3

Integrity IT Internship, Inc

Incorporated January 2012

EIN: 46-0642980

A Registered 501(c)3 Organization

PO Box 212874, Anchorage AK 99521

Integrity IT Internship (I3) is a Technology trades organization. We provide skills training, workforce experience, and social networking for new Technologist professionals by partnering them with volunteer Senior Technologist mentors. Membership is open to the general public, and member dues are collected along with charitable donations to assist with fulfill the organizations chartered mission.

Members meet every month from 12-1PM AKT the last Sunday of the Month, at our Alaska location: 203 West 15th Suite 102 (*building says 209 as its address) or Online via Teams!

Supported and financed by charitable donations we can be reached at the following numbers below:

Integrity IT Internship, Non-Profit


800-917-9306 x3

Integrity IT Internship Director

Jeremiah Williams, PhD


800-917-9306 x11

Integrity IT Internship President

Alaska: Freddy Vicente


800-917-9306 x13

Integrity IT Internship Secretary

Yaside Motley


800-917-9306 x3

Integrity IT Internship Treasurer

Remo Baclig Jr


800-917-9306 x3

Integrity Computer Systems, LLC

Integrity Computer Systems, LLC

Incorporated January 2000

PO Box 212874, Anchorage AK 99521

Integrity Computer Systems, LLC is an advanced Information Technology (IT) solutions center. We provide advanced level technology certification, training, and technology support services to for-profit businesses. We remain consistently certified in all our areas of expertise including, but not limited to, cloud technologies, server technologies, networking technologies, and software development. We are a green company operating completely from the cloud, based in Anchorage Alaska. We are experienced with Azure, AWS, and Google cloud services and solutions. 

We provide premium technology support services. Our client list is selective. Our standards for security are both industry best practices and immutable, regardless of the type of industry you represent. As a result of our high security standards, we are not a fit for all businesses. Our rates begin at $550 per hour. This is another reason some businesses may not qualify for our services. We are certified with Microsoft, Adobe, CISSP, CompTIA, CEH, ITIL, QuickBooks, FEMA and more. We are very experienced at our trade, so we can do it faster, more efficiently, accurately, and complete the first time in less time.

We are able to provide all our clients technology solutions as a single organization. For example, we can build your mobile app, customize your current line-of-business (LOB) services, integrate all your operations using automation, while teaching you how to best use all the applications and services in your organization. We are first in class experts, teachers, and innovators in the technology spectrum. Best of all, we are cutting edge in our operations. This means we don't accept clients who are unable to grow in areas of security and innovation. We fit best with clients who want their technological solutions to grow with their business operations.

Our Unique Professional Values

Secure, Transparent, Cost-Efficient

Fluid, Vetted, Organic, Innovative

Our services are currently open for one new client per year. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our values and our services.

Thank you,

Dr Jeremiah Williams

'Dr Little j'

Integrity Computer Systems LLC




Jeremiah Williams, PhD


800-917-9306 x11